Friday, May 6, 2011

Washable Diaper Liner

Placed the liner on top of the diaper inner...tadaa!!!...its ready to be use...:-)

Selection of colours available. From left: ocean blue, fuschia, baby blue and grasshopper green

-made from microfleece
-available in 4 yummies colour: fuschia, ocean blue, grasshopper green and baby blue
-size:<5" x 11.5">
-price:rm10/set of 3 pieces....FREE one piece for avery 3 sets
-please add rm3 for POSTAGE via registered post

Washable diaper liner
-made for lining cloth diapers or disposable diaper when you want that extra stay-dry feel on your baby's bottom (sesuai digunakan on both diaper whether it is cloth diaper or disposable diaper eg.mamipoko,petpet, diapex etc.
-for non cloth diaper baby, sgt2 la berguna bila baby kena cirit-birit/for newborn yg kerap poop, x perlu la nk tukar diaper avery second...just change d liner only...JIMAT!!
-Place inside nappy 'next to baby’s skin' to draw wetness away.
-Provide a soft, comfy, breathable layer between skin and absorbent material in diaper.
-Need to change the liner at each diaper change, whether it is soiled or not.
-Protects cloth diaper from staining and makes it easier to dispose of the contents of the nappy down the toilet (so agree!!!!) .

Alhamdulillah sejak guna liner ni (since 3 yrs back,starting from my son) jarang sgt2la my kids kena ruam or any skin problem (kt bump)...ada la sekali dua je kot...why i'm opt for reusable diaper liner?bcoz baby selesa sbb liner ni made from fabric...compared to usual diaper liner yg mcm tissue tu...n....yg paling best,liner ni boleh dibasuh berulang2 kali..sgt2 menjimatkan...siap boleh diperturunkan dr abang ke adik...hehe....from my experience,i dh pakaikan liner ni kt my elder son since he is 3mon...means dh 3thn...but,still ok lg liner tear,no stain problem...

interested?booked ur order now as stock is limited...:-)

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